UKCPS group guidelines
This group is only open to members of the UK Coloured Pencil Society.

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Be aware of when to use reply to an existing message or to create a new message. If you are not posting on the same subject as someone else's message, please don't use "Reply". Create a fresh message (= start a new thread) with a new subject. This helps to keep the archives manageable, as messages are grouped into "threads" or "topics" - messages with the same subject sent in answer to each other.
When replying to a message, please trim off all unnecessary parts of the message(s) you are replying to. Threads are now easy to view without the need for every message in a thread being repeated in every post.
Please load your pictures into your own album (unless you are posting pictures as attachments or to a special project album). The title of your album must include your name so that it identifies you sufficiently for us to be able to know who you are on the members list. This keeps things nice and tidy, and also enables us to  delete your album easily when you leave the group. So that things don't get too cluttered, please note that only one album is permitted per member. If a member sets up a 2nd album, the moderators reserve the right to delete one or other of the albums. Older and larger images are also likely to be removed if we run short on space.

When you have uploaded pictures, please let the other members know, and tell us a bit about the pictures and why they are important to you
Attachments of images are allowed, but will be treated as more ephemeral in nature than the albums and may be deleted at any time, especially if we are running short on space.

Posts are moderated for all new members. Once you've posted a few messages and the moderators know you are are keeping to the guidelines, you'll be unmoderated.
Be courteous. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, and showing respect to others makes our group better for all members.
Moderate your content. Adult-oriented content is not allowed.
Post your own content. Have the other person's permission before re-posting their content. 
Finally, have a good time! When people behave responsibly and respectfully our group thrives and everybody wins.
Sarah Longrigg
UKCPS group moderator

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